Still Seeing Low Generation

Another beautiful day today.  Tomorrow looks pretty nice too.  Slight chance for rain, but temperatures in the mid 70s.  Tuesday has a better chance for rain with temperatures in the upper 60s.  Then we start cooling down a little.  Temperatures in the low 60s into the weekend.  Right now, Saturday looks like a 50% chance for rain.

Not much change in the generation pattern.  They have been holding it at a little over 50 mwh for the past three days.  Projection for tomorrow is more of the same.

The morning after they opened up the eight spillways, Darren took Henry and his son Randy out.  They had one hit and saw absolutely no fish anywhere.  They decided to call it a day early and came on in to fish again some other day.

Jim out Thursday with Bill from Oklahoma.  Water was still pretty dirty and the fish were spotty.  Catch a few here then nothing.  Had a pretty good day though on the JQ streamer, a ruby midge or a scud.

Friday, Dana took Ann and Steve out for half a day.  Everything they caught was on the ruby 2 midge.

Newly weds Christian and Madison spent Saturday on the water with Jim.  Brand new fly fishers, so he worked with them on casting.  Lots of strikes, misses, breakoffs and lost fish on the JQ streamer.

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