Getting Much Needed Rain!

Yes, we are getting some much needed rain.  From the Corp chart, it looks like we have received over 2 inches the past couple days.  Forecast calls for more today going through tomorrow morning.  The bad part is that it’s cold!  Rain should be out of here by Friday and then a warming trend…..50-60s!

Generation schedule has been a little here and there.  Most of the days they leave it off during the morning hours and start up one or two units for four to five hours in the afternoon.  On a few other days, they have started up two units around 7:00 a.m. and run them for four to five hours then off for a couple hours and then back on for another four hours or so.  Not always certain what to plan for.  Today, they turned it on at 7:00 and it ran for four hours.  According to the schedule, it will be off two hours then back on.

Mike 0 10/21/20

Dana on the water last Wednesday with Mike and Ralph.  Slow day, but they caught a few fish on the ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.  Even caught a bluegill!

Howard and Richard fished with Carolyn on Thursday.  Did not catch a lot of fish, but the fish we caught were very nice.  Fished the ruby 2 midge, gray scud, red soft hackle,

Debbie – 10/22/20

black wooly bugger and holographic green crackleback.  George and Debbie from Texas were fishing with Darren.  They were catching on a

George – 10/22/20

jujubee midge, the blood worm, and #20 soft hackle.   Jim had Jerry out for the morning and they caught fish on the hot hare’s ear and a micro scud.

Friday, Roy fished with Darren.  Fishing started out great and then the front came through and they flat shut down.  While they were hitting, it was on the scud with a soft hackle trailer.

Saturday, Darren and Dana had a group of guys out.  Steve and Matt fished with Darren and Forest was with Dana.  That was one of those days when they turned on water in the morning, then off for a couple hours, and then back on later.  Darren’s guys caught on a

Forrest – 10/24/20

scud with soft hackle trailer, especially after the water dropped out.  Dana guy was catching on the ruby 2 or black copperhead midge.

Eric – 10/24/20

Gina had Eric and Todd from Texas on the water.  They were catching on a ruby 2.  This was the guy’s 40th

Todd -10/24/20

birthday celebration!  Happy Birthday guys!  Carolyn had Katie and Josh out.  It was the ruby

Katie – 10/24/20

2 for them also.  Josh likes to pull streamers, so we tried several of those later during the trip with

Josh – 10/24/20

no success.  It was either the ruby 2 midge or a gray scud with a soft hackle trailer.

Monday, Carolyn took Katie and her father, Virgil out.  This was Katie’s first time with a fly rod so we spent some time working on casting.  She wants to learn how to fly fish since the rest of her family is getting into it.  Didn’t take her long to get a good cast

Katie – 10/25/20

going, which she quickly forgot when she started fishing!….normal.  Caught her first fish (trout) on a fly rod with a gray scud and soft hackle dropper.  Tough day if you weren’t in the right spot.

Lots of fish coming up for spawn despite the low dissolved oxygen.



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