Some Rain Here and There!

Rainy this afternoon but is pretty much out of here now.  A little cool off with this rain.  60s the rest of the week and chances for rain very late Friday night and possibly into Saturday morning.  Then just more 60s through the following week.

Not much change in generation.  Low one unit for a while, then a full one unit going up sometimes to a low two units.

Tom and Jeff from North Dakota fish with Darren on Sunday.  Water was pretty murky and lots of wind.  They hung in there and caught some fish on a size 14 ruby 2, the white mega worm, a size 14 scud and the cerise worm.  Dana’s guys, Bill and his grandson, Brant caught all their fish on the cerise San Juan worm.

Monday, Jeff and Bill fished with Darren.  They wanted a little experience pulling streamers, so Darren set them up with an extra fast sinking leader and they stripped a bead eye black & chartreuse zonker.

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