Over An Inch Of Rain The Past Two Days!

We received over an inch of rain the past two days.  There were times when it was really pouring!  Today looks like mostly cloudy and only in the low 50s.  Monday is supposed to be mid 50s and party sunny.  Tuesday looks like more rain and mid to upper 50s.  The rest of the week is mid 50s and very low chances for rain…..we’ll see.

Continue  to see a full unit or the equivalent of a very low two units running all day, every day.  Tomorrow’s projection is one unit until 7:00 a.m. when they will shut it down until 1:00 p.m. when it will go back to the equivalent of one unit for the rest of the day.

Jim had one of his regulars, Ralph from Texas, out last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday was not good.  The water was high and really dirty.  Wednesday was better and they caught fish on the JQ streamer, ruby midge and a small scud.

Mike and John were on the water with Carolyn on Wednesday.  Good day for these two fishers either on the ruby 2 or an egg pattern under the big ruby.  Even caught a few stripping the holographic green crackleback.   Dana had Larry out for half a day.  They worked hard and Larry was pulling a black wooly bugger.

Lewis – 11/19/20

Thursday, Lewis from Oklahoma fished with Carolyn.  Fun day for him on the ruby 2 midge or the egg pattern.  The midge was the best pattern for the day.

Darren took James and his two children, Reeves and Cyblee over to Roaring River Friday.  This was Cyblee’s first time with a fly rod and Reeves had very little experience.  Great day for everyone, including Dad!  Caught fish on the white or cream mop flies and zebra midges.

Lots of rain for Gina’s guest, Dale, yesterday.  It was his birthday so his wife Lisa and their dog Miley rode along.  Caught a few fish on a cerise worm with the ruby 2 dropper.  Everyone had a fun day, despite the rain, but they were ready to get off when it was time.

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