Starting To See Some Color On The Hills!

A little color showing up in the trees on the hills around the river.  Not sure if it will be a really pretty Fall as we are so dry.  But, it is still looking nice!  Some beautiful weather the past few days.  Sunny days, some with a little cloud cover, but temperatures in the upper 70s or low 80s.  Looks like low 80s through the weekend.  Next week will see upper 70s and no rain.  Mostly sunny all week!

No generation during the morning hours.  Earliest they turned it on the past few days was 11:00 a.m.  Every other day has been 1:00 p.m. or later.  Lots of wading time.

Busy, busy for us on the water.  Darren on the water a week ago Wednesday (yes, I’m a little behind again!).  He had Lynn from Texas on the water for half a day.  Took him up to the island across from outflow 2.  Pretty good day for Lynn on a double scud rig or the Ray Charles sow bug.

Last Thursday, Dana took Bill from Florida out for half a day.  Another pretty good day for them on a size 10 gray scud or a red San Juan worm.

Dana had Jeff and Jim out Saturday.  Pretty slow day but they did catch some on the black copperhead midge, a gray scud or the red San Juan worm.  Jim took Keith and his son-in-law, Paul out for half a day.  They caught fish on the size 8 JQ streamer.

Mike – 10/4/20

Sunday, Darren and Dana took a group on the water.  John and Vicki fished with Darren.

Josh – 10/4/20

Fairly new fly fishers, but the guys gave them a little casting session before hitting the water.  Darren’s folks were fishing a double scud rig.  Dana’s guys, Josh and Mike fished the ruby 2, a grey scud, or cerise worm.  Carolyn was on the water with another Mike and Josh.  These folks were from Oklahoma.  They too, were new fly fishers.  A few sessions on the roll cast, they regular cast and they caught fish on the ruby 2 midge.

Jason and Adam fished with Darren on Monday.

Jason – 10/5/20

Good day at the narrows on the red ass soft hackle and a #18 gray scud.

Adam – 10/5/20

Jim on the water Tuesday with Mark and Mike.  They had a pretty good day on the JQ streamer and a copper midge.


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