Ketchup Time Again!

Weather has been awesome.  A little cool this morning…31 degrees but the day turned out great!  Lots of wind forecast for tomorrow, with a chance of rain for Sunday and a pretty good chance for rain again on Monday.  Otherwise, looks like upper 60s to l91 70s for most of the following wee.

Weird generation patterns the past few days.  No water most of the mornings.  However, this morning they turned on two units at 7:00 a.m. and kept them on until 11:00.  Tomorrow it supposed to be off until noon when they will turn on a low one unit for an hour and they keep it off the balance of the day.  Sunday, it will be off all morning and not come on until 4:00 p.m. and only be on for three hours.  Monday, it will come on at 6:00 a.m. and be on most of the day!

Carolyn on the water for half a day both Thursday and Friday with Gary and Barry.  Either Stan or Carolyn have been fishing with them for several year.   Not a great day, but this time of the the year a respectable day on the black wooly bugger with a holographic green crackleback.  Dana on the water Thursday and Friday with Justin, Ruth and Hunter.  They caught fish on the Ruby 2 midge, light gray scud, a crackleback, and tan b-bug.

Last Saturday, Dana and Gina took a group from Illinois out for half day.  Gina had Gaik and Son, Aiden.  Pretty good day on the black wooly bugger, or a #14 olive wooly bugger/  Dana’s boat was catching on a gray scud  Tough day!  Jim had Dave and Andy from Fenton on the water.  Really trough day for them.  A few hits on the JW streamer and a #18 gray scud but nothing to the boat.

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