Beautiful Weather And Lots Of Fishing Going On!

Beautiful, sunny days that past few days.  Little windy the past two afternoons, but otherwise, great days.  Today and tomorrow look like more of the same. According to the weather folks (we know how that goes) there is a chance for chances of rain sneaking in Friday night into Saturday and possibly Sunday.  Temperatures in the mid to upper 60s.

No change in generation.  The equivalent of one unit almost all day.  This has been the pattern since September 26.  Same schedule today.

Now to get caught up!

Darren on the water Tuesday, Sept. 22, with Roger from Illinois.  Good day for him on a size 20 black soft hackle or a size 18 midge.  Nice quality fish!  Ansel and his grandson, Tyler spent the morning with Carolyn.  Tough day for us.  Caught a few on a size 18 gray scud and a few on the ruby 2 midge.  Tyler hooked a couple stripping a holographic green crackleback.

Wednesday, Dana took Mike out for the morning.  Pretty good day Wednesday on the primrose & pearl midge under the big ruby.  Jim had Jerry and Nick out and felt it fish pretty slow most of the day.  They did land some stripping the JQ streamer.

Mike didn’t get enough on Wednesday so he went back out with Dana Thursday.  Not quite as good as Wednesday.  They were catching on the white grub or the black copperhead midge.

Last Friday, Micah and Joe fished with Dana.  Really slow day Friday.  Looks like what they caught was on the white grub.  Gina

One of Dale’s trout – 9/25/20

had one of her regulars, Dale, on the water for half a day.  Very slow morning.  Most of the fish they caught was from around noon and after and mostly on the ruby 2 midge.

Micah and Joe fished again with Dana on Saturday.  Another slow day, but they did catch a few more.  This time if was on the black copperhead, ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Jim had a couple new fly fishers from Texas on the water, Eric and Michelle.

Joel – 9/26/20

They caught a few on the ruby 2 midge, scuds and a San Juan worm.  Joel and Brett were fishing with Darren.  A little better day for these guys on scuds.

Monday, Darren took Rick and Connie out for half a day.  Pretty good day on a double scud rig.

Julie and Gary from Texas spent half a day on the water with Carolyn Wednesday.  Slow start, but finally found some fish in a few

Brett – 9/26/20


Gary – 9/30/20

Morning was a size 16 or 18 scud dropped from an egg pattern.  Late morning and early afternoon switched to the ruby 2 midge.

Julie – 9/30/20

Overall, we are not catching as many fish as we do during the early part of the year, but more quality fish, 17-20 inchers.  The fish are fighting hard and really look good!  Please don’t let that fool you.  They are still oxygen deprived and need to have extra time for reviving after you bring them in.


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