And More Ketchup Time!

Definitely have some weather today.  It has been raining all morning off and on and sometimes very hard.  Looks like it will be out of here today by 3:00 p.m.  Temperature might reach the mid 60s.  Chance for more rain tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 70s.  Thursday will be warmer and little chances for rain.  However, by Friday, chances for rain go up and continues through the weekend.  Temperature will be the warmest Friday in the mid 60s and then 50 through Monday and even upper 40s for Tuesday!

We continue to see off generation during the morning hours, EXCEPT this morning.  They turned on two units for an hour at 9:00 a.m. and now it is off until 3:00 p.m. Then they plan to run it for six hours.  Not certain what the pattern is going to be.

Okay.  Let’s try to get caught up on fishing trips.  Lots of trips out the past couple weeks.  Darren took Bert and Spike, and Dana took Dan out a week ago this past Monday.  They had all just finished our Orvis 2-day fly fishing school.  Wanted to get some more time on the water.  Not a bad day.

Dan – 10/12/20

They all caught fish.  Darren’s guys were fishing a size 18 or 20 scud with s soft hackle dropper.  Dana’s guy fished a gray scud, a size 20 hare’s ear or the mega worm.

Last Tuesday, Dana took Wilma and George out for the morning.

Michelle – 10/13/20

They were catching on a red San Juan worm, a ruby 2, or a big ruby with a grey scud dropper.  Michelle and Kevin,

Kevin – 10/13/20

two new fly fishers, spent the day on the water with Darren.  Tough day as the generation was going up and down most of the day.  They did make the best of it and caught some fish on a size 16 or 18 gray scud with a size 19 soft hackle dropper.

Harry – 10/14/20

Harry and his friend, Paul, fish with Dana on Wednesday.  They had a pretty good day on the gray scud or a ruby 2 midge.

Thursday, Carolyn had a couple of her regulars, Arlan and Rick on the water.  We got out and waded the area below the boat ramp and managed to

Arlan and Rick – 10/15/20

get in some fish.  They were fishing a gray scud, ruby 2 midge and a holographic green crackleback trailing a black wooly bugger.  One double for the day.  They are always fun to fish with!  New fly fishers, Renee and Brett were on the water with Jim.  They had a tough day fishing and as Jim said, no best fly.

Friday, Carolyn introduced another couple to the world of fly fishing.  Neil and his wife, Michelle, wanted an instructional trip to learn the ropes and maybe catch a fish or two.  They live here in

Neil – 10/16/20

Branson, so they have lots of opportunity to fish Taneycomo!  We fished a gray scud, P&P midge, ruby 2 midge and the black wooly bugger with a holographic green crackleback.  That was the killer fly for Neil.  Darren had Tim out for half a day.  Tim’s wife arranged a fly fishing trip for him for his birthday.  Nice gift!  Tim caught fish mainly on a size 21 red ass soft hackle.

Dwan and Robert fished with Jim on Saturday.  They have been fishing with us for almost 15 years now.  The wind gave them some challenges but they managed to catch some fish on a dark gray scud.  A couple new fishers, Brian and his son Bryson went out with Dana.  He got them fish on a pink egg pattern, the white grub and a ruby 2 midge.

Sunday, it was Brett and Deb fishing with Darren.  A couple of very nice male rainbows stripping the crackleback.  Otherwise, they were catching on a double scud rig.  Dana’s guy, Richard, from Kansas had a slow day.  They were fishing a ruby 2 midge.

Seeing lots of dead fish on the bottom.  I keep harping on it, but pleased make certain you fish is completely revived before releasing.  They do fight hard, but it takes a lot out of them since they are living in such low dissolved levels.

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