Good News…Bad News!

Great weather right now.  It did rain some yesterday afternoon, but temperatures were in the low 80s and, of course, it was overcast.  Today we have a little sunshine with temperatures again in the low 80s.  Looks like Friday and Saturday will be in the mid to upper 80s and then back in the low 90s for Sunday through Monday.  Tuesday, the rain chances will cool us down again to the low 80s.

Good news is that they are running low flows during the morning hours.  This is giving the fish much needed oxygen and fishing has been better with this low flow.  The low flow is around 2500 cfs which elevates the wadeable area by about 2-1/2 feet.  So….the bad news is that there is not as much wadeable area as when the water if off.  According to the schedule, they will be doing that again tomorrow.

Ron – 9/2/20

Ron and his friend, Kendall, were on the water with Darren yesterday.  Tough, but they caught several on a #16 scud.  Carolyn had

Gwen – 9/3/20

Gwen and her husband, Rex, out for the morning.  Pretty good day for them on the ruby 2 midge under the big

Rex – 9/3/20

ruby.  For a while it looked like Gwen was going to outdo Rex, but he finally buckled down and caught up!  Fun day!

Today, Dana had Frank from Florida on the water.  They had a good day on a red San Juan worm under

Frank – 9/3/20

the bug ruby midge.  Mainly fished the area from the root wad down to the boat ramp.

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