Pretty Good Soaking Last Night!

We received some much needed rain throughout last night.  Perfect night for sleeping!  Looks like the rest of the day will be pretty dry with temperatures in the upper 70s.  50% chance for rain tomorrow with tempertures in the low 80s.  Temperatures look to be in the low 80s into next weekend.

No change in generation pattern.  Off during the morning, one for a while in the afternoon then off again in the evening.

Dana on the water Sunday with Richard and Andy.  Pretty good day for these guys on the black copperhead or ruby 2 midges.

lARRY – 8/31//20

Yesterday, Darren took Larry and his friend LT out for the morning.  They hooked several fish on a black soft hackle

LT – 8/31/20

dropped from an 18 or 20 scud and when some water came on early, stripping the mini sculpin.  This was LT’s first time with a fly rod and he did well.

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