Low Flow All Weekend!

High today is projected to be in low 90s.  Same for Monday.  Tuesday we have a 30% chance for rain and upper 80s.  Wednesday, about the same.  Thursday a little cooler, in the low 80s, and slight chances for rain.  This will be the trend through the weekend.

We have had the equivalent of a low one unit running almost all weekend.  The good news with this is that there are places where one can wade.  AND, the dissolved oxygen has been running an average of 5.9 ppm.  Not perfect, but much better than when nothing is running.

David – 9/4/20

David and his friend Mike spent Friday morning on the water with Carolyn.  Picked a few fish above the boat ramp, but fished much better

Mike – 9/4/20

from the boat ramp down.  Had a good day on the ruby 2 midge under a red San Juan worm.  They were running a low one unit at put in and bumped it up just a little at 1:00.  Made for a great

Ralph – 9/4/20

drift out.  Dana had one of our regulars, Ralph, out for the morning.  They did well on the red San Juan worm, ruby 2 and copperhead black midge.

Yesterday, Dana had Tim, from Kearney out for the morning.  Little slower than the day before, but they caught several on the ruby 2 midge, and a red or cerise San Juan worm.  Jim has come back to guiding now that it is cooling off.  He spend the day on the water with Dan from Wildwood.  They pulled the JQ streamer, and drifted the ruby midge and red San Juan worm for their fish.

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