Cooler Weather!

Wow!  Looks like our high today will be 84 degrees.  Monday shows low 80s; Tuesday upper 70s, then mid to upper 80s through Friday.  The weekend and into next week will be low 90s.  What a wonderful difference.  Slight chances for rain Friday and Saturday.  We’ll see….that’s a ways off.  But enjoy!

This weekend was back to two full units until noon, and then bumping it up to three or a low four around 1:00 p.m.  Back to the two units by 8:00 p.m. or so.

Mike – 7/26/20

Mike from Kansas on the water with Dana last Sunday.  Pretty good day for him on the cerise San Juan worm or the ruby 2 midge.

Thursday, Darren took Russell and Anderson out for half a day.  They had fun catching on the UV roe yarn egg with a scud dropper.  Fished best for them that day on the front run of Lookout Island.

It was a half day Friday for Mike and his friend Bob, from Iowa, with Darren.  Another UV roe yarn egg and scud dropper day for them.  Fun day.  Would have been better if they could have stopped a big fish Mike hooked up with at the log hole.  If hung on the bottom for a bit then took off upstream and Darren could not row fast enough!  Dana had Robert out and Roberts caught his biggest

Robert – 7/31/20

trout.  Happy man on the copperhead black midge.  Meanwhile, Gina and Carolyn were infecting three ladies with the art of fly fishing.  Anne, Jan and Margie took the 2-day school Thursday and Friday.  All indications are that they like it!

Mark and Ken from Illinois, spent Saturday morning on the water with Dana.  He had they catching on the black copperhead midge and the peach eggstasty fly.  Lots of “pick and rolls” but also fish to the boat!  Darren had a fly fisher from Florida in his boat Saturday.  Another egg and scud combo day.  He caught a nice 20 incher at Eagle Island and that was the end to a good day!

Jerry – 8/2/20

Jerry and his friend Mike, fished with Carolyn today.  Good day for these guys on the ruby 2 under the big ruby midge.  They caught a few

Mike – 8/2/20

stripping the JQ streamer, but it was a midge day.  Fished best in the run behind Long Island.  Barbara had a good, fun day

Barb’s fish – 8/2/20

fishing with Dana.  Red San Juan worm, ruby 2 midge and stripping an orange crackleback.

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