Little Lower Water Flow In A.M.

Looks like a little cool down in the temperatures next week.  Seeing lots of mid to upper 80s all week and into the following feel.  Yeah!  Also, the chances for rain are pretty good for Monday through Wednesday.

A change in the generation pattern the past few days.  Dropping down to the equivalent of one unit around midnight.  At this level until 9:00 a.m then up to two units for a three hours, then a three for an hour a finally four.  Same projection for Monday.  We’ll have to wait and see what the pattern looks like next week.

Kaya’s 1st on fly rod – 7/24/20

This change in the flow pattern made catching a little difficult last Friday.  But, we managed to catch fish.  Carolyn had Eric and his grandson, Kaya on the water Friday morning.  This was Eric’s first

Eric – 7/24/20

time with a fly rod.  Eric had been working with him on casting and he did very well.  He even outfished Eric!  They had a good day catching early on the Ruby 2 midge under the big ruby.  As they kept upping the water, it was a UV Roe yarn salmon egg pattern.

Kyle – 7/24/20

Rob and his son, Kyle, were fishing with Dana.  Ruby 2 early then it was a red San Juan worm.

Saturday, Dana took Shannon, from Kansas, out for half a day.  It was another ruby 2 and red San Juan worm day.

Rob -07/24/20

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