Lower Water Levels The Past Few Days!

We have been having some great weather here the past few days.  In the 80s.  Lows in the upper 50s one or two mornings.  However, that is coming to an end.  But it’s not going to be as hot as it was.  Mid 90s seems to be tops over the next several days.  It is looking like some rain tomorrow morning, then slight chances next week.

The past couple days have seen a lower generation level for a few hours in the morning than we have been seeing.  Actually a low one unit last night and then one unit this morning until around 10:00 a.m. Right now it is not quite a full two units.  But, according to the projection, it should be a low four units for about four hours.  Looks like this will be the pattern again tomorrow.  Equivalent of one unit in the morning until noon, then it will up to two units for an hour, and then a low four for 4 hours.  After than it will slowly ramp back to a low two through the night.

Karl – 8/3/20

Carolyn on the water Monday with Karl and his son, Matthew.  Not a lot of fish, but a fun day on the ruby

Matthew – 8/3/20

2 midge under the big ruby.  Matthew’s first trout on a fly rod

Matthew with little wild bow

was a little wild one.  You could still see the parr markings on it.

Tuesday, Darren had Dennis on the river for the

Josh – 8/4/20

morning.  Good day for them on the egg/scud combo or a #14 scud.

Wednesday, we had a group of guys with their sons.  First time for several of them.

Charlie – 8/5/20

Tough day.  Darren had Farhan and his son, Zayd.  Dana had Brian and Oliver.  They had a few hits and “pick and rolls”, and a fish on the red San Juan.  Chris and his two sons, Charlie and Max fished with Carolyn.  No one pattern was working.  Ruby 2, #12 gray scud, or the big ruby each caught a fish and tempted a few others, but their was no pattern that was consistent.

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