Generators Back On 24/7!

Pretty warm days this past week.  Looks like we might be getting some rain tonight and/or in the morning.  After that, more chances for rain toward next weekend.  Boo!  Hiss!

After having several days with no generation during the morning hours, it came to the expected change Saturday morning.  Now we are seeing low generation until about 8:00 a.m. then two units on for 3-4 hours, then three units for 3-4 hours and sometimes four units for 3 hours or so then they start backing it off toward night….back to one unit.

Beth – 6/15/20

Beth and her son, Joe, were on the water with Carolyn last Monday.  One of the off in the morning days.  Wonderful day!  We found a nice

Joe – 6/15/20

spot where we could get a good drift with the off water and caught fish on the holographic green crackleback, a red soft hackle, but mainly drifting the Ruby 2 under a red d-ribbed midge.  Their last catch of the day was unique.  They had had several doubles (both having a fish on at the same time).  On their last cast of the trip, they both landed about the same distance from the bank about seven to eight feet apart.  Someone said “wouldn’t it be something if we get a hit at the same time”.  The words were barely said when both indicators dipped….at the exactly the same time….and they set the hooks and brought them in!  They had a fun day!

Tom – 6/17/20

Wednesday, Dana had Matt and Tom from Texas on the water for half a day.  Very good day for these guys fishing mostly in the Rockin’ Chair

Matt – 6/17/20

area.  They were catching on a copperhead black midge with the

Nyla – 6/17/20

bloodworm dropper.  Meanwhile, Carolyn was downstream a ways with Dan and Nyla, from Kansas.  They had

Dan – 6/17/20

a great day on the holographic green crackleback and especially the ruby 2 midge under the red d-ribbed midge.

Don and Tanner, from Kansas, spent Friday morning on the water with Darren.  Good day for these guys on the

Michael – 6/19/20

copper dun and black zebra midges.  It was one of those off water mornings so they fished mainly from the fish ladder down to the boat ramp.

Gary – 6/19/20

Carolyn took Michael out again with his friend Gary.  Very good day for these guys too!  They were catching on the ruby 2 midge until they fired up all four units.  Catching pretty much went south after that.  Think we picked up three or four in a pool, but too much garbage hitting the flies.  Fortunately, it was at the end of our trip.

Evan – 6/20/20

Saturday, Dana and Darren had the Davis family on the water.  Evan and Erin were with Dana and they were catching on either a holographic green crackleback or nymphing

Erin – 6/20/20

the copperhead black midge.  Ezra was with Darren and it was a JQ streamer or the copperhead black midge.


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