And More Good Days!

Temperatures are hot and humid.  We had a little rain early this morning, but fortunately, not enough to impact the lakes.  Temperatures look like low 90s through the weekend and into next week.  Slight chances for almost every day through the weekend.

Generation schedule is pretty much the same.  Two units most of the time then up early afternoon to three and sometimes four.  Back down in the evening.

Couple of guys who fished with Dana last December were on the water with him again this past Sunday.  Good day for the guys on the ruby 2, a red beaded San Juan worm, and the Tiger Tail.  Rich really likes pulling streamers.  Darren had Michael from Oklahoma

Michael – 6/28/20

on the water.  Mainly pulled streamers, the holographic green crackleback and the JQ streamer.  Lost a really nice one 20″+, but you know how that goes….no picture, no fish!

Today, Jim and Dana had a family from Oklahoma.  Father, Preston and his 7 year old daughter, Raegan, fished with Dana.  Almost everything was caught on the ruby 2.  Preston had just gotten his

Preston & Raegan – 6/30/20

fish to the net and Raegan was yelling she had a fish on!  Can’t tell who had the biggest smile.  Jim took the older brother, Jackson, and sister, Reanna.  They had a good day on the ruby midge, a scud or stripping the JQ streamer.  Fun day for everyone!




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