Weather Is A Bit Steamy!

Pretty warm days on the water lately.  Lots of humidity!  And, it looks like lots more in the forecast.  All next week will be in the 90s.  Oh well, it is July!

No major change in generation.  At least two units in the morning.  Today they will ramp up around 1:00 p.m. to four units for six hours then back to two.

Briley – 7/1/20

Carolyn on the water last Wednesday with Matt and his daughter, Briley.  Fun day watching father and daughter catch fish.  She out

did Dad on numbers, but he caught the largest so it was a win/win day!  We caught a few stripping the JQ streamer but most of the fish were on the dark roe egg pattern.

Jim and Dana had “the Bracks” family on the water Thursday.  Dana took Catherine and her son, Luke.  They had a fun day catching on the red San Juan worm, a ruby 2 or stripping a holographic green crackleback.  Catherine was a little uncertain when Dana asked her if she wanted to try “stripping”.  After he explained it, it was okay and she liked it!  Jim had  Adam, and their other son, Ian.  They were catching on the ruby midge or a gray scud.

Friday, it was Billy and Spencer on the water with Jim.  Jim said takes were pretty light this day, but when they could detect a take, they were bringing them in on the ruby midge and a dark gray scud.  Dana was out with Arvind and his son, Sanjay.  Sanjay thought he was going to use a spin cast rod, but quickly found out he could catch more and have more fun with a fly rod.  Natural.   Picked it up quickly and was catching fish!  Red San Juan worm under the big ruby.  Darren had John and his son, John, on the water.  Pretty new to fly fishing, but he worked with them a bit and got them some fish on the big ruby and the tiger tail streamer.

Great to see so many young people on the water here lately.  And, they are having fun and enjoying the sport of fly fishing!  Let’s keep it up!

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