Beautiful Day Ahead!

After several days of rain, we have sunshine!  And, it looks like that will be the trend through this week and into the weekend, where chances of rain pop up again!  50/50 chances so let’s hope for the better….50% chance of no rain!  Temperatures will be in the 70s early in the week and 80s near the end of the week.

Right now there is no generation!  They shut down the generators yesterday around 10:00 a.m. even though the projection was for four units all day.  Today they were planning on three units all day, but so far zero!  Bull Shoals has also shut down their generators.  Understand there is lots of flooding downstream from the White River.  Not certain how long they will keep the generators off but certain they will have to turn them on at some levels soon as Table Rock is at 923 feet and Bull Shoals is almost 691 feet.

While the generators have been off, several fishers have hit the water.  Something many have not seen for months!  Fishing is great!  If you are near the area, better grab your fly rod and get into the river!  Almost anything is catching.

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