Too Much Rain

Had a few dry days this past week, but last night and today, we are getting tons (well maybe not quite) of rain!  And, the forecast is for more through the weekend and through most of next week.

Because of flooding down south, the white river system has been holding water during the morning until 10:00 a.m. or noon then turning on one, unit, for an hour then, two, three and finally four units for most of the afternoon, then low or off again.  Not certain how much longer this pattern will continue, but certain it will not be much longer as all the lakes are getting very close to their flood levels.

The good news about the off water in the mornings is that fishing has been wonderful during these off water periods!  Carolyn on the

Chase – 5/20/20

water Wednesday morning with Michael and his son Chase.  Think this was Chase’s first experience with a fly rod and he was roll casting and hooking fish in no time.  Took a while to get a good hook set,

Michael – 5/20/20

but once he got the hang of that, it was “fish on”.  They had a good day on the black copperhead midge.

Thursday, Dana was on the water with Micah and Al for half a day.  It was

Al – 5/21/20

another wonder morning of no generation and they were catching on the black copperhead midge.

Micah – 5/21/20

Once the water came on around 11:00 a.m, Dana switched them over to an orange egg pattern and the catching continued!  Carolyn had John and his

Brian – 5/21/20

father Brian out for the morning.  What a fun day for these two!  When the water was off, it was the black copperhead midge.  After they fired up the first unit, the red d-rib midge or the black copperhead midge were the patterns.

John – 5/21/20

Then the second unit came on so we pulled in close to a shallow bank, put on the sinking leaders and stripped a tiger tail or crackleback trailing the JQ streamer.  More fish on these.  Dad caught the biggest fish and John caught the most.

Many of the fish everyone has been catching during these no water days have been awesome!  Fat, healthy and full of fight!  It has been a delight!


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