Another Morning With No Generation!!!

Rain, rain, go away.  Still raining right now and in the 60s.  50% chance for rain tomorrow and Sunday.  Monday looks dry as does Tuesday.  Slight chances show up Wednesday into the weekend.  Let’s hope those slight chances disappear.  We don’t need any more rain.

Yesterday and again today, they have the generators off on Taneycomo.  One unit came on yesterday at noon, then up to two units by 1:00 p.m. and finally all four at 2:00.  Looks like two units may come on at noon today then four at 1:00.  Will be surprised with all the rain we have had if they continue with this schedule but it has certainly been nice while is lasts.

Dana – 5/13/20

Carolyn spend a wet day on the water Tuesday and Dana and Gary.  They are just getting started fly fishing

Gary – 5/13/20

and we were going fishing come rain or shine.  Don’t think the temperatures ever got out of the 40s.  Nippy, wet day, but success!  Each caught their first trouts on a fly rod and loved it.  And it was back to the water again on Wednesday.  Fortunately, Wednesday was sunny and dry!  Despite high water both days, fishing was very good for them and they were nice fish.  Ruby 2 midge under the big ruby or stripping the holographic green crackleback following the JQ streamer were the patterns for success.  Think we have a couple more fly fishers in our ranks!!

Thursday, Arlan and Rick spent the day with Carolyn.  No generation when we hit the river.  Fish were dimpling all over the shallows so we tied on a couple dries and had two hits right from the get go.  However, that was it!  So, tie on the ruby 2 and the game was on.  Not only did they catch lots of fish, have several doubles, but most of the fish were really nice, 15-18 inch range…and fat!  When the first generator came on, it trashed up the water so bad we decided to take a lunch break.  Moved on down river and picked a couple more fish, but not like the morning fishing.  Finally moved into a good seam and found several more fish pulling the JQ streamer with a red holographic crackleback.  Thunder

Rick – 5/14/20

Arlan – 5/14/20

chased us off the river or we would stayed with that a little longer.  Fun day!

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