Spillways Off And Now Back On!

Cold today!  Not as cold as they said it would be, but low 30s is still cold.  Should be in the low 40s tomorrow then warming up to mid and upper 50s Saturday and Sunday. THEN low 60s Monday?  Not seeing rain in the near future.  Yeah!  We don’t need any more rain!!!!

Gates were off for a few days since my last report, but they turned them back on this morning.  We got almost an inch of rain in the area and I’m certain some areas received more.  The big issue is that Beaver is just a little less than half a foot from power pool.  They opened 7 spillways yesterday around noon.

Fishers are fishing the outflows and seeing and catching some nice fish.  If you have a boat, you can also catch some nice fish this way.  We will dry out some day.  Keep saying that!!!

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