A Few Days Without Rain! Wow!

We have had a couple nice days this weekend.  Temperatures in the 50s and the sun eventually came out both days.  Monday should be in the low 60s but slight chances for rain.  After that we go into the 40s for a couple days and maybe upper 30s by Thursday.  By next Sunday the “rain” word is showing up.  Let’s hope for a change by then.

No change in the generation pattern.  Three generators and 5 spillway gates open 1′ each for a total discharge of approximately 5000 cfs.   With this flow, Table Rock Lake is holding it with Beaver releasing about 11,400 cfs.  This will probably be the trend for a while.

Nice day on the water yesterday both in the weather and fishing.  Carolyn had Dwan and Robert from Kansas out for half a day.  Nice, beautiful fish to the boat on the cerise worm under the Big Ruby in the fast water.  Where we could find slower moving water, we shallowed up and droped a ruby 2 under one of the guys and the Lightning Bug under the other while still using the Big Ruby to get them down.

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