The Sun’s Out!

Positive note….the sun is out today!  However, it was 30 degrees when I looked at the temperature earlier this morning!  Looks like today will hit the lower 60s and be sunny all day.  Monday through Wednesday will see 60s, but rain chances are creeping in Wednesday and we will see a cool down to upper 40s Thursday and Friday.  Sunny Friday and Saturday with low to mid 50s with 60 on Sunday.

Still running the equivalent of three units and have five spillways open.  Lots of water puts the tailwater level at 711 feet, or 9 feet above normal no generation level.   I believe the same pattern will hold for Monday.

Carolyn on the water last Monday with Westley, from Texas.  We had the equivalent of 2 units and the 5 spillways that day and fishing was tough.  We managed to find and land several fish with the cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby.  We tried stripping the JQ with no success.

Robert – 10/29/19

Tuesday, Gina took Robert out for half a day.  Not only did they had the 5 spillways and 2 units, but it was overcast and rainy.  Managed to catch a few on the pink San Juan and a ruby 2 midge.

We’ll keep you posted on the generation.

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