Gates Are Off And Flows Are Lower!

Going to see some cooler weather into this weekend.  Temperatures on the mid to upper 40s Friday and Saturday.  Upper 50s Sunday and sunshine.  Monday will be the best day with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and sunshine.   Tuesday will also be in the mid to upper 60s but slight chances for rain pop up late in the day.  Wednesday through Friday will be upper 50s.  Slight changes for more rain from Wednesday into next weekend.

Spillway gates closed last week and we are now seeing the equivalent of not quite two generators.  This raises the water level 4-5 feet with somewhere between 6500-7200 cfs.  Much better than we have been having.  Let’s hope it stays this way as we are below normal power pool.

Dana on the water this last Thursday with Don out of Texas.  Don has been fishing with us for a while, and as always, he had a wonderful half day on the water with the cerise or red San Juan worms.  Had so much fun he is going out again on Saturday.



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