Five Spillways Open!

Looks like we might be getting a run of pretty cool….or even cold….weather.  Today looks like one of the best days for the next week.  Tomorrow will be cool and rain moving in late in the day.  Wednesday looks like rain.  I even saw some low 30s for early morning temperatures!

The equivalent of a low two units running but they are supplementing it with five spillways (about 5000 cfs) open about a foot.  Understand it is to put some oxygen into the water.  Good idea!  Lots less expensive than injecting liquid oxygen.

Unfortunately, the gates are putting the level at 708-709 feet elevation.  Definitely impossible

Chris – 10/27/19

for wade fishers and a little tough even on the boat fishers.  Jim out most of the day yesterday with Buddy and his wife, Pam.  Tough day for them on no particular pattern.  Gina and Dana took a group of guys from the Heart of America

Pete – 10/27/19

Fly Fishers in the Kansas City area out for half a day.  Dana had Dick and Ron and they caught some fish on the red San Juan worm.  Gina’s guys, Chris and Pete had a pretty good day on the pink San Juan in the morning and a beadhead tan scud in the afternoon.  Fun bunch of guys!

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