Cool Weather The Past Few Days!

Woke up to 33 degrees Saturday morning!  Whoa!  Once it warms up, it has been very nice the past two days.  Much better than the 90+ temperature we have been having.  With all the rain we received this past week, Table Rock Lake came up two feet.  It is currently a little over 917 feet.  They opened up three spillways day before yesterday at a foot each.  This is in addition to the equivalent of three generators they are running.  Scheduled to be the same tomorrow.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of this coming week will hold.

Last Tuesday, Carolyn took Rick and Vic out for half a day.  Good day for these two good fly fishers on the Red or Cerise San Juan worms.  Gina took Roger and Millie out for half a day and they too were catching on the Red and Cerise San Juan worms.

Wednesday, Carolyn had one of our long-time fishers, Terry from Oklahoma on the water.  Very good day for Terry mainly on the Cerise San Juan and a dark roe egg pattern.  Darren had Joe  out of California out for half a day.  They were catching on a size 16 scud and a pink San Juan worm.  Jim’s guy, Rod, was catching on a scud and a red San Juan worm.  They were out for a full day and when four units came on around 2:00, the water trashed up and fishing went south.  Fish caught were nice, solid ones!

Millie – 10/10/19

Roger and Millie didn’t have enough fun Tuesday, so they went out with Gina again

Roger – 10/10/19

on Thursday.  Another good time for them on the pink San Juan worm, various red midges and did a little stripping of the JQ at Lookout Island.  Mike from Texas, spent a full day on the water with Darren.  They were catching on an orange egg pattern, a scud, and the Cerise worm.  They best the rain….by and inch!  Doug wanted to get Carol started fly fishing, so they spent half a day with Carolyn.  She got her roll cast down, mending, getting a good drift and even set the hook on a few fish but we never got them to the

Doug – 10/10/19

net!  Think she likes it as she said, “I’ll do this again!”  It was then up to Doug to get the fish to the net for the rest of the trip.  Best pattern was the dark roe egg pattern.

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