Good Days…..Bad Days!

Weather is looking pretty normal….finally!  Mid 70s and sunny tomorrow then a mix of 60s and some low 70s through next week.  Slight chance for showers next Thursday and Friday, but right now, nice over next weekend.

Generation schedule for the past several days has been no generation late at night until around 6:00 a.m. the next morning, then the equivalent of a low two units all day.

Had a couple of really tough days on the water last weekend.  Everyone struggled to get some fish to the

Erin – 10/12/19

boat.  Carolyn on the water with Tom and his daughter, Erin.  Brand new fly fishers and they were both doing well with casting and line management. Caught a few fish on either a red or Cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby.   Jim had Jim and John from Colorado on the water.  They had a little better day fishing the red San Juan.  Ray and William were with Dana.  The same patterns caught them a few fish.  Gina’s couple from Kansas City.

Lauren – 10/12/19

Tom and Lauren went out during

the afternoon and fishing wasn’t much better.  Did catch some on the big ruby.  Lauren is pretty new so Gina was able to spend time working with her on mending and stripping.

Sunday was not any better.  Jim took Phil out for the morning and they worked hard for a few fish which was caught on the

Martha – 10/13/19

red San Juan worm.  Gina had Julian and his wife, Martha out for the entire day.  Big ruby with a pink San Juan worm dropper was their pattern.   Bruce decided to introduce his friend, Brian to fly fishing so they spent the morning

Brian – 10/13/19

on the water with Carolyn.  Wish the fishing had been better, but we did get Brian a nice fish on the cerise San Juan worm.

Monday was the beginning of a new week.  Meredith and Chester spent all day on the water with Carolyn.  I had called them the day before and warned them of the bad fishing.  When they showed up on Monday, they said they had talked to the fish Gods.  Must have as it was a very good day for these two guys on the red and cerise San Juan worms and a size 16 Lightning Bug.  Jim was on the water with Grey and his son Tyler.  They had a good day on the ruby midge and Lightning Bug.

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