Lots of Fishing!

When summer stopped, it stopped!!  Woke up this morning to 40 degrees.  Lots of rain all last night in through early morning.  Looked at the lake total and so far, they are recording 3 inches.  Have heard reports of up to 8 inches in some areas.  Nice and sunny now with the temperature at 46 degrees.  Might hit low 50s today.  Saturday should be mid 60s and Sunday through Tuesday, low 70s.  Low to mid 70s into next weekend.  See some rain by next Sunday.

Not certain what we are going to see in generation flow.  Hear they are cracking two gates by one foot, but they should not exceed typical power generation releases.  Typical?

Lots of fishing the past several days.  A week ago Thursday. Darren took Ron and Marlene out for half a day.  This was Marlene’s first try at fly fishing and she did well.  They landed fish on the pink San Juan worm under the red tungsten bead San Juan.  Carolyn had Gary and Jim out for half a day.  They were catching on the red San Juan worm.

Saturday, Jim and Carolyn took a group from Arkansas out.  Jim had Richard and his son, Grayson.  Carolyn took Felicia and her brother, Clay.  Jim’s boat was fishing a ruby and red San

Felicia – 10/5/19

Clay – 10/5/19

Juan worm.  Carolyn’s boat had a very good day on the red San Juan worm under the bug ruby.  Also landed some on the holographic green crackleback.

Jim and Darren a family from Oklahoma on the water this past Monday.  Jim took Todd and they were catching on the ruby midge and red San Juan worm.  Lots of instruction and they are all new to the sport.  Darren work with Brett and Steph.  Lots of fun and caught some fish on the pink San Juan worm and Cream mega worm.  Joe from Texas fished again this year with Carolyn.  He was

Joe – 10/7/19

catching on a red San Juan worm.  Not a whole lot of fish but definitely some good quality.

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