Maybe 100 Degrees Tomorrow!!!

Days have been hot and humid.  One could almost cut it with a knife.  Expecting another hot one today and tomorrow might just hit 100!  By Tuesday, we are looking at low 90s, then upper 80s into the weekend when it will probably be in the low 90s again.

Generation has been off almost every morning until noon.  For several days they have bumped up all four units.  Yesterday an exception, only the equivalent of two.  Much better!  Projection for today is off until noon, then ramping up to a little under the equivalent of four units by 2:00 p.m.  Monday looks like off until 11:00 then a little under the four units again by noon or 1:00 p.m.

Have to say that fishing has definitely slowed down.  Catching fish every day, but some days we certainly work harder than others.  Carolyn had Jack and Mary Kay out last Tuesday.  No generation so we opted to stay high.  Very slow start to the foggy morning.  Finally found some fish on the ruby 2 and JQ streamer.

Will – 8/7/19

Wednesday, Darren took Celeste & her son, Will out for half a day.  It was scheduled to be a trip for Will, but Celeste decided it looked like fun an went along.  Darren worked with her on casting and she was looking great before the morning was over.  They rodeo’d several.  Best patterns were a scud and a little black and white thread midge.

Rebecca – 8/7/19

Carolyn had Rebecca from California out for the morning.  Fun day on the water!  When she wasn’t catching, she was telling jokes!  Think we kept everyone on the river awake.  Best pattern was the black copperhead midge.  Meanwhile, Jim had Bill and James on the river.  James is new to fly fishing so Jim worked with him on all the necessary skills.  Best for them was the JQ streamer.

Friday, David and his son, Zack fish with Jim.  This was one of the days when the water came on earlier than projected.  Everything turned black, then green and fishing went south!  They did bring in a few fish before the water came in.  No best pattern that day.

Jim back on the water Saturday.  This time it was with Charlotte and Ernie from Kansas.  These two are beginners so it was lots of casting work.  They did get to catch some fish on the scud and JQ streamer.

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