Another Busy Week!

Days are getting hot again.  Worst yet, lots of humidity the past two days.  Looks like low 90s the rest of the week and slight chances (right now) showing up Thursday through Saturday.

We have actually had four days of no generation during the morning hours.  That was the schedule again today.  Have been turning on two units at noon.

Last Tuesday, Jim took Don and Cindy from Texas out for the morning.  Pretty good day for them stripping the JQ or Tiger Tail streamers.

Don – 7/31/19

Don and Cindy didn’t get enough fishing in Tuesday, so they spent Wednesday morning on the water again, this time with Carolyn.  Another good, fun day for them.  Water running most of the trip so our best pattern was a cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby.

Thursday, David from Illinois fished half day with Carolyn.    Beautiful day, overcast and fishing was good.  Black copperhead midge was the best pattern that day.

Friday, Jim and Carolyn took a group of brothers out for half a day.  Carolyn took the oldest and youngest brothers, Rick and Dana.  Jim

Rich – 8/3/19

had Norm and Bob.  Fun day for everyone!  If I understand correctly, Jim’s boat had to ‘pop’ for dinner and beers that night!  Jim guys were catching on the JQ, ruby midge and San Juan worm.  Carolyn’s boat was catching on the black copperhead with zero units going and then

Dana – 8/3/19

dropped it under a big ruby to keep catching after the two units fired up.

Darren had a couple guys from Kansas on the water Saturday morning, Hugh and Adam.  Good days for these guys on the black copperhead midge with a thread midge trailer.  Adrian and Larry fished with Dana.  They had a good day mainly on the ruby 2.

Adam – 8/3/19

Sunday, Jim took Jim from here in Missouri out for half a day.  Jim got started fly fishing with us a little over two years ago and he’s still at it!  Good day for Jim on the holographic green crackleback, P&P midge or the JQ streamer.


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