Water Still Off During Morning Hours!

Beautiful weather.  We had a little rain, but not enough to take note of.  Unfortunately, the weather folks are saying we are headed into some more hot, humid days.  Oh well, we’ll be fishing we had these days around January!

Not much change in generation pattern.  No units running during morning or late evening hours.  Generation during afternoon from three to four units.  Looks like the pattern for a while.

Beebe – 08/12/19

Gina on the water last Monday with Beebe and his son, Jake.  Fun day for these guys on the JQ streamer, black copperhead midge and the holographic green crackleback.

Jake – 8/12/19

Fortunately, the JQ streamer was working while it was foggy as the fog didn’t lift until around 10:30.  Wasn’t too long after that, they blew the first horn.

Wednesday, Gina took Joanna and her sister-in-law, Janell out for an instructional/fishing trip.  She took the ladies through casting, mending and stripping.  Fishing was tough

Joanna – 8/13/19

that day as the dissolved oxygen levels are starting to drop….it’s getting to be that time of the year.  They did hook and bring in fish.  Lots of hits stripping the filoplume and after water rise, it was the red midge.

Sylka and Bill spent Thursday morning on the water with Jim.  Good day for them stripping a #12 JQ streamer.



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