Low Flow In Morning Then Up By Noon

Beautiful weather.  Looks like we will have more of this for possibly a week.  Yeah!  No rain in the near forecast.  Temperatures will continue to be pleasant for several days.  No mid to upper 90s!

We will continue to see the low flow during the morning and late evening hours then 2-3 units coming on around noon.  They estimate it will be at least another 10 days before Bulls Shoals gets low enough for them to evaluate the probable at Power Site dam and get the boards back in operation.

Fishing during the low water flow in the mornings is nice.  Lots of fishing trips, schools and the Missouri Trout Fly Fishermen’s Third Expo was this past weekend at the Lion’s Club on 76 East.  Saw lots of faces we had not seen for a while.  Great time.  Now for the fishing.  Needless to say, I’m a little behind on fishing reports.

Jim on the water Saturday, July 20th (that’s how far behind I am!).  One of him long-time regulars, Carmen and his son, who is now 10 years old, Randy.  Good day for them.  Carmen had not fished for a while so it was a refresher course.  Caught fish on the JQ, ruby midge and hit

Tiffany 7/21/19

hare’s ear nymph.  Sunday. Carolyn took Tiffany out for half a day.  Really good day for this young lady who caught most of her fish on the black copperhead midge.  Tiffany is pretty new and she did great hooking and bringing in the fish.   Jeremy, from Oklahoma, was on the water with Dana.  They had a good day on the black copperhead and Ruby 2 midges, and striping the tiger tail.

Monday, Gina took Lisa out for half a day.  Lisa is a very good caster and got several fish

Lisa – 7/23/19

to the boat stripping tiger tails, cracklebacks, or fishing the big ruby.  Mainly it was stripping that day.  John and Lucia spent the morning on the water with Carolyn.  This was a weird morning.  We rowed up toward the ladder area and got started fishing.  Pretty soon, two horns went off.  Oh boy!  More water.  Better re-rig.  Change everything out and two more horns.  What’s up?  Checked with the actual via phone and no more units had really come on.  Back to the original rigging.  Before we left the upper area, at least eight horns had blown

Lucia – 7/23/19

(we only have 4 units).  The water did keep going up and down, but not as much as they horns they blew.  Anyway, a good day for John and Lucia on the ruby 2 or black copperhead midges under the big ruby, including a couple smaller browns.   Wednesday, Darrell and Carrie fished with Carolyn.  Tough day.

Carrie – 7/24/19

All our guides out that day had the same story.  Picked some nice fish, but we worked hard for all the fish we caught.  It was a cerise San Juan worm with a gray scud dropper in

Darrell – 7/24/19

the shallow water for us.  Jim had two Bobs on the water.  They worked the size 8 JQ streamer, a size 12 ruby and a 14 hot hare’s ear.  Ian and Hal from Pennsylvania fish the morning with Darren.  Big ruby with a scud dropper were their bugs.

This past Friday, Jim had Norman from Indiana out for half a day.  Lots of water and it made for another tough day.  Did catch several fish on the JQ, ruby midge and hot hare’s ear nymph.

Sunday, Jim had Jerry on the water.  Another JQ day with a few on the ruby midge.  Gina’s guys,

Dan – 7/28/19

Dan and Roy from Kentucky were here for the Expo and always try to fish with Gina after the event.  This Sunday was the day and they spent the whole day on the water

Roy – 7/28/19

catching on the JQ and Tiger Tail, crackleback (1st fish and biggest), and pink San Juan worm.  Beautiful, sunny day and the fish were cooperating.


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