Still Running Three Units

Temperatures have warmed up but we keep getting chances for rain in the area.  Tomorrow and Wednesday will look like 58 and 68 respectively.  No rain in the forecast until Friday but temperatures in the mid 60s.  Next week is all mid to upper 60s but 30% and 40% chances for showers show up here and there during the week.

No change in generation pattern.  The equivalent of three units which is 9700 cfs +/- every day.  With rain in the forecast here and there, we’ll probably no see a change for a while.

Been busy on the water the past week.  Jim out all day last Tuesday with  Malcolm from the St. Louis area.  Good day for this streamer puller mainly on the tiger tail.

Wednesday, Carolyn took Rick and his grandson Oliver out for the afternoon.  Pretty day even with the three units going.  It was neck to neck for a

Oliver – 3/20/19

while between Rick and Oliver, but Rick eventually pulled away.  However, Oliver had the best fish of the day.  He is going to make quite a fishing partner for his grandfather.  Patterns of the day were the big ruby with either a cerise or red San Juan worm dropper.

Chad, from Wyoming, spent half a day Wednesday on the water with Jim.  Fish were not taking much nymphing so they put on the tiger tail and pulled quite a few fish.

Thursday, Hale took his father, Dan, out for the day with Jim.  Hale likes pulling streamers and Dan is fairly new so they stripped the tiger tail and drifter the ruby midge and caught fish.

Susan – 3/23/19

Saturday was a girls day out for Gina and her guests Jeannie and Susan.  Jeannie and Susan are friends from high school.  Jeannie has been fishing for a while and decided she needed to introduce Susan to this wonderful sport.  Fun day for

Jeannie – 3/23/19

the ladies learning and catching fish on the big ruby with either a tunghead red midge dropper or a pink worm.   Carolyn had Matt and his son, Matthew on the water for the day.  Really good day for them on the red tunghead midge or red San Juan worm under the big ruby nymphing.  Neither had done any stripping, so they stopped for a while and pulled the

Matthew – 20″ rainbow – 3/23/19

holographic green crackleback to experience this technique.  Both like that method for catching! Great day for Matthew as he caught a nice 20 inch rainbow.   Really fun day even though we came off the water a little wet from the rain that started pouring around 3:30.



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