Murphy Is Back!

Wow!  70s one day then lots of lightning, rain, wind and temperatures plummeting to the 40s the next day.  Good news, Sunday will be sunny and in the 50s, Monday still in the 50s and cloudy, but 60s for several days after that.  No more chances for rain until next Thursday when a 60% chance is showing up.  The week after looks like lots of 70s again.

A full two generators running all day today and scheduled to run all day tomorrow.  With this rain we just had, this trend, and maybe more units, will continue running for a while.  We were getting close to power pool, but I’m sure it will come up some.

Joe – 3/26/19

Lots of fishing and catching this past week.  Carolyn on the water Monday and Tuesday with Joe from Texas.  A couple of good days for Joe.  He had one run where it was a hit or fish every time through this one section.  Needless to say, we took a run back through this section several times.  Best pattern was the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Darren had a family, Bob, Cindy and their daughter Kali

Kali – 3/26/19

on the water Tuesday.  Fun day for them up in Roark Creek catching on a tiger tail of crackleback.

Don and Steve spend all day Wednesday on the river with Carolyn.  Great day for these two fly fishers from Illinois.  They had projected three units in the early morning, then down to two units for a couple hours, then one units for about five hours.  NOT!  We hit the water with two units going and by the time we did one drift down

Steve – 3/27/19

the boat ramp bank, we noticed the flow had disappeared.  Upon checking, they had shut down the generators.  Found a honey hole and proceeded to catch a lot of fish, mainly on the ruby two midge under a red tunghead or big ruby.

Gina out Thursday with Scott and Virgil from Minnesota.  Really good day for these

Virgil – 3/28/19

guys on the big ruby with red tunghead midge or black copperhead midge droper.  Lots of water going, but lots of fish being

Scott – 3/28/19

caught.  Great father/son trip.

Keep forgetting to let everyone know that Murphy is back.  Seems he comes back to Taneycomo every March.  He’ll hang around for a few months, but usually by June, he has left the area.  Fortunately, so far he comes back every year.  Good to see him again!

Murphy and lady friend

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