Generators Are Back!

Beautiful day today we’re having.  Sunshine, very little wind, and temperatures will be in the upper 50!  Looks like more on the horizon.  Even looking at 60s all next week.  Slight chances for rain…..we’ll see.

Sorry, they must have finished the work on the generators as the generators came back on this morning.  Called and they are using three units to run the equivalent of two units so the tailwater is back up 5 feet with about 7000 cfs going.  Table Rock is currently just about a foot above power pool.

Boats on the water Friday.  Tough day mainly due to the wind.  Thought we had had all the wind we were going to get Wednesday and Thursday but it stuck around again on Friday!  Probably missed more fish than we hooked as the waves were so high in places you couldn’t see a take unless they took it to the bottom!  We had a bit higher water level too.  Ran a good three units that day.  Anyway, Jim had Rob out for half a day and they did pretty good early in the day stripping the tiger tail.  Around noon that shut down so they went to the ruby midge and caught a few more.  Carolyn had Carter out for a day.  This young man is

Carter – 3/15/19

getting started in the fly fishing world so we worked on technique and presentation.  He’s going to be a good fly fisher, quick learner as well as eager to learn.  Fun day mainly on the cerise worm under the big ruby.  Forgot to mention, it was a bit nippy that day due to the extreme wind.

Saturday Jim had a couple of new fly fishers on the water, Glenn and Barb.  Did some instructional work and had them catching fish on the ruby midge and tiger tail.  Dana and Carolyn had a group of guys out for half a day.  Dana had Grady and his grandson, Brett, in his boat and Carolyn had Gerald, Grady’s nephew.  Brett and Gerald are out of California and Grady has a place in Branson.  Fun day for this group of guys who decided they were going fishing

Gerald – 3/16/19

when they all got here.  Dana’s boat was catching on the red San Juan worm, or a Cerise SJ, each dropped under a big ruby 2.  Carolyn’s guy, was catching mainly on the cerise San Juan.  He hadn’t tried stripping, so we rigged up the tiger tail with a holographic green crackleback and caught several stripping this.  Gerald like this!  Much better water and weather than the day before…


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