Spring Is Trying To Spring!

Once we get these temperatures out of the dumpster, it will be nice.  Trees are flowering up!  Forsythia is yellow everywhere!  Looking great.  Just need those warmer days which are just around the corner.  Once we hit Friday, it’s 70s all through next week.  Unfortunately, we do have chances for rain on Thursday.  Oh well, that’s part of Spring!

They are taking an additional generator offline this morning so they will be opening four spillway gates two feet each to release about 3900 cfs to make up for this unit.  This will basically keep our flow about the same as having three generators on.  Not certain if this is just a today thing or if it will take a few days.  We will see……    In any event, we know we will see generation of some kind for several more days.  We are still a foot over power pool.

Rhonda – 3/31/19

Gina on the water yesterday with Ed and his girlfriend, Rhonda.  This was Ronda’s first fly fishing trip and she did great!  Landed some fish, enjoyed a sunny day, stayed dry (inside joke), and learned

Ed – 3/31/19

a little about fly fishing.   Their best patterns were the red tunghead midge, ruby 2 and a pink San Juan worm.

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