No Rain For A Few Days

Looks like we are out of the rain pattern until Monday.  Very slight chance Sunday, but by early next week, we are getting a run of several days with a 60% chance of rain.  Beautiful today with temperatures in the low 70s and lots of sunshine.  That will be the trend through the weekend.

We continue to see a low to full one generator.  Today the projection is for nothing running for three hours beginning around 10:00 a.m.  That would be nice.  They they will turn back on a low one for the balance of the day.

Richard - 5/15/16

Richard – 5/15/16

Stan on the water with Richard from Maine, this past Sunday.  Richard had a wonderful day.  Re4d San Juan worm and white grub.   Gary, from Oklahoma, spent all day on the water with Darrell.  They also had

Gary - 5/15/16

Gary – 5/15/16

a wonderful day.  Their best patterns were the chartreuse egg, red San Juan worm and the holographic green crackleback.

Monday, Jim was doing a “stop the rain” dance.  He had Dan and Ryan out for the morning and it rained all morning.  However, the fish don’t mind a little water so the guys pulled fish stripping the bug eyed bugger and tiger rail.

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