Where Is Our Warm Weather?

Temperatures in the 60s both yesterday and today.  60s tomorrow and Tuesday with rain chances both days.  I see some sunshine for Wednesday and Thursday, then chances for showers creep in Friday and low 70s.  Right now, the weekend is looking good….80s and sunny.

Still running a low something 24/7.  Today has been consistently the lowest we have seen.  Flows are in the low 2000 to upper 1000 range.  Monday’s projection  is more of the same; 30 mwh all day.

Stan on the water Friday with one of his long time regulars, Bob from Michigan.  Hew has been fishing with Stan since 2001.  Bob and his wife are working at moving to the Branson area some day.  They bought a house here last year and plan to make it a permanent one in the future.  They had a pretty good day on the white grub and chartreuse egg pattern.  Jim had one of his regulars out too.  David is from Oklahoma.  Good day for these guys on the tiger tail, bug eyed bugger and peach egg.

Newly weds Chris and Tiffany spent Saturday morning on the water with Stan.  What a way to get started!  Fun day for the newly weds and new to fly fishers.  It was a red San Juan worm and the chartreuse egg pattern.  Congratulations!  Carolyn had out another couple of new fly fishers….Tammi and Darrell, from Oklahoma.  What a fun day we had.  After we went through the basics of roll casting, line management and hook and play, we started fishing.  Tammi had

Tammi's 1st on fly rod - 5/14/16

Tammi’s 1st on fly rod – 5/14/16

Darrell down 4 to zip for a while, but Darrell started making a come back.  We drifted down to Lookout Island where we got out and worked on the regular cast.  After Darrell got the regular cast down, I put him on a sinking leader with the tiger tail and he finished up his day!



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