Another Awesome Weekend!

Yep!  Another great weekend.  Even had the front door opened during most of the day yesterday…it was that warm!  Today will probably hit the 70s.  Only negative, if the forecast is correct, will be the wind.  They expect a front to start being blown in today, so we should see some pretty good wind gusts.  We can handle that.  Tomorrow looks like another nice day, but showers might be moving in by tomorrow evening and definitely are in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Even with that, the temperatures will still remain very nice.

IF the generation projection is correct to tomorrow, we will be what Taneycomo looks like again!  They are scheduled to shut down the generations tomorrow morning around 10:00.  They are supposed to be off for fire back up around 5:00 p.m.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting to see what Taneycomo looks like after the December flood we had.  I certainly am!

Another good fly tying clinic this weekend.  We tied the JQ and Tiger Tail streamers.  Great local patterns that work with or without sinking line or leaders.  And, the nice thing about tying them is that you can customize them to meet your preferred method of fishing.  As nice as the weather was, I think some of the tiers were ready to go out and fish them.  Last session for this season next week when we will tie terrestrials.



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