Yes! They Really Turned The Water Off Today!

Looks like the rain is going to move in pretty soon.  It was pretty this morning, with the sun shinning and temperatures in the upper 60S.  Around 11:30 a.m. there was a very light shower.  It went away but left us with overcast skies and it is looking a lot like rain.  We will see rain tonight and tomorrow.  The chances for Thursday are backing off a little.  Last time I looked it was down to 40% chance, but there are 50-60% chances into the weekend.  Now it is a wait and see just how much we get.

They do have the water off today!  Yesterday’s projection was for the water to go off at 10:00 a.m.  NOT!!  It did not happen.  However, using two units they ran the equivalent of a low one unit and it was nice.  Tomorrow’s projection is already up and they are supposed to run two units tomorrow

Everyone who came out to fish yesterday thinking they would see the bottom had a good day.  Lots of good reports on catching lots of fish.  However, today the water was off and the fishing was even better.  I was hearing numbers of 50 plus from lots of fishers.   Unfortunately, the number of fishers out today was down probably because no one believed the projection!  Well, if you came, you were rewarded.  I fished a little this morning and it was great!  They were hitting almost everything.  Black midges, big ruby, little ruby, buggers, mini slider sculpin, scuds…..

Recognize this place?

Tuesday morning - 3/8/16

Tuesday morning – 3/8/16

Went out this morning to see what the river looked like.  It definitely has changed.  This is up by the root wad below the rebar hole.  As you can see, quite a bit of fill in up there.  Not sure, but it looks like the gravel bar along the south back down at the rockin’ chair hole is gone.  Maybe it had not dropped out enough yet, but I could see no gravel bar.  It’s just a log wider than it once was.  There is a gravel bar going further across the narrows above Trophy Run.  Created what may be a great run for fishing, but it will be a fast trip in the boats through that narrow chute and probably no rowing back up.  Might make it if you get out and pull your boat back up.  Also looks like a lot of gravel and silt have filled in between Lookout Island and the long island on the Point Royale site.


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