Sunny skies through Saturday and temperatures in the 60s.  By Sunday, looks like showers are coming into the picture and hanging around for a few days.  However, temperatures continue in te 60s and possibly 70s by the coming weekend.

Darn!  Wish I could have said the generation schedule is lower today.  Beaver hit their magic number of 1121.4 feet yesterday and at that point planned to shut back on the two generators they have been running for several days.  Hoped Table Rock would follow suite.  However, as of this a.m. Beaver did back off running two generators for the entire day, but instead are running them for four hours this morning, then down to one unit for most of the day.  They will run two generators again this evening for four hours then shut her down.  Table Rock is continuing with its two units almost all day today.  Shall we hope for a change tomorrow?!…..to be continued

Ken, formerly from Kansas, who now lives in Branson took a 1/2 day float with Stan Monday.  Lots of fish, but lots of smaller fish.  Lots of wind and water too.  They were fishing the big ruby with the cerise San Juan worm dropper.  Tried stripping a little, but not much success with this.

We still have a couple spots left in the “Spey/Switch-Rod Clinic” coming up this month – March 26!!  Give us a call if you’re interested – 417-332-0460



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