Two New Eagles!

90s today with slight chance for rain.  We did get some rain yesterday afternoon.  Mid to upper 80s predicted for all week into the weekend with chances for rain creeping back into the pictures by the weekend.

Boy, you can’t count on anything!  Yesterday, the projection was for one unit to come on around 200 p.m.  Hooha!  Came on at noon.  Today we were supposed to have a low one unit until noon……it’s OFF!  The generation schedule has been a bit erratic this past week.  Monday, off in the morning then four units in the afternoon.  Tuesday, low one in the a.m., then fired up around noon.  Back to no generation on Wednesday morning then four units in the afternoon.  Low, then a little more, then back down Thursday and Friday was up and down and finally up.  We had one unit on yesterday for 3-4 hours.

Fishing continues to be slower than we would like to see for this time of the year.  Darrell on the water Friday with Matt and Brad from Parkville.  They caught a few fish on the tan flashback scud and an egg pattern.  Jim had Randy, from Kansas out for an instructional half day.  Also a few fish on the tan flashback scud, a red midge and the copperhead black midge.

Saturday, Stan took Scott and his son Justin out for half a day.  New fly fishers caught fish on the copperhead black midge early in the day then the P&P midge.

I forgot to mention that the highlight of a trip I had out earlier in the week with Dawn and Albert, was spotting two immature eagles in the trees about a half mile above Fall Creek.  We could hear them calling back and forth across the river.  One immature was on one side of the river and the other on the other side with either Mom or Dad.  Really a great finish to a fun day!



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