Kinda Tuff Out There!

Lots of rain this morning.  We might get some more this afternoon, but tomorrow is predicted to pretty nice and sunny with temperatures in the low 90s.  Still looking at 40-50% chance of rain through the weekend with temperatures in the low 90s.  Upper 80s to low 90s for most of next week.

No generation yesterday morning.  Today they started the day with low generation, 1100 cfs then ramped it up a little at 9:00 a.m.  11:30 a.m. and we are seeing 2 units at 705.3 feet and 3805 cfs running.   Supposed to increase that some more this afternoon.  Not certain what they will do tomorrow.  We are definitely below power pool.

It’s been a little tough out that the past few days.  Talked to some fishers who were wade fishing yesterday while the water was off and they were catching a few, but they were certainly working for them.

Tuesday, Jim had Mark and his son Ben out for half a day.  Ben is a new fly fishers and it had been many years since Mark had been fishing so it was a catchup and learning day for these guys.  Mission accomplished and they caught fish on the red midge and hot hare’s ear nymph.  Carrell and Carolyn had the Louisiana family out.  These good fishers worked for their fish that day.  Can’t really say we had a best fly, but the red San Juan worm was probably best during the rise from the second unit.  At least it was a beautiful day and we all had fun!

Robert and his son, Logan took a half-day instructional trip with Jim on Wednesday.  They caught a few fish, but it was another “no best fly” day.

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