A couple of beautiful days with temperatures in the 80s, light to moderate winds and a low one unit running.  Sweet!  Today, Sunday, appears to be a repeat.  I feel bad not being on the water!  Looks like a pretty good chance for rain tomorrow with isolated thunderstorms in the morning becoming more widespread in the afternoon. and continuing into early Tuesday morning.  This rain will drop our temperatures into the upper 60s Tuesday and Wednesday.  Slight chances of rain into the weekend with temperatures from the low 70s into the low 80s by Monday.

A nice low flow the past three days and again today.  The projection for tomorrow is more of the same.  With this flow, the level is in the 703 to 704 feet range all day.  We are definitely below power pool, so any generation will be the result of power demands somewhere. 

Jack and Joe, from Colorado, spend all day on the water with Stan Friday.  Great drift with the low flow and really good day fishing for these guys on the copperhead black midge under the big ruby.  Darrell had Billy, from Illinois, out for the second day of fishing.  They had a very good 1/2 day on Tuesday, and Billy came back for a full day.  Another great day stripping the CQ streamer or holographic green crackleback.  Don’t ask him about the one that got away!  Mike, from Texas, spent the morning with Jim.  Great day for them on the hot hare’s ear nymph, copperhead black midge and the CQ streamer. 

A “no longer new fly fishers” day Saturday.  Stan took Kristen and Rusty from Jefferson City out for their first outting with a fly rod.  Great day for these two.  Hope they don’t think fishing is this easy all the time!  It was the big ruby with the black tunghead midge all day.   And a great day for Matt and Jessica, from Joplin, who spent the morning out with

Jessica's 1st rainbow on a fly rod
Jessica’s 1st rainbow on a fly rod – 5/10/14

Carolyn.   Started the morning with the lightning bug and a copperhead black midge dropper but before the day was over, Jessica was stripping the holographic crackleback just under the surface and catching fish.  Matt fished the deeper water and was using the 2.6 ips sinking leader and the crackleback. 

Mat - 5/10/14

Mat – 5/10/14





Fishing has been good for almost every we have talked to, even with the low one unit going.  It is just a little more water than they are used to when wading, but after they figure it out, they agree that fishing is very good.




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