Big Cool Down!

Wow!  In the upper 80s yesterday and right now it is 55.  We might get into the lower 60s today but it better hurry up!  Tomorrow’s forecast says mid 50s and a pretty good chance for more rain.  Thursday through Saturday looks like upper to mid 60s with a few thunderstorms possible on Saturday.  Back into the 70s Sunday followed by 80s early next week.

We continue to see a low to medium one unit running.  This is putting the tailwater level in the low to high 704 foot range.  So far, Table Rock Lake is still below power pool so not certain what to expect in the way of no or more generation patterns at this time.

Fun day on the water yesterday for Carolyn who took Pam and her father, John, out for half a day.  John has not fly fished for many years, but after he got the hang of it again, it was a very good day

John - 5/12/14

John – 5/12/14

both both of them.  Pam and her daughter, Tiffany were on the water in February with Carolyn as part of Tiffany’s graduation treat.  We took a series of pictures of John’s fish as he caught them, and they just progressed from small to pretty darn nice!  

Pam - 5/12/14

Pam – 5/12/14

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