Fishing and Catching!

We have had a run of really hot (90s) days.  Glad to say the high today will probably be the low 80s and there is a chance for thunderstorms this afternoon.  Low 80s tomorrow with a chance for scattered thunderstorms mainly in the morning.  80s Saturday and Sunday with Monday looking at some more scattered thunderstorms and highs in the upper 70s.  70s from Wednesday into the weekend and showers are, right now, out of the picture.

Lots of wading water.  Every day since last Friday we have had wadeable water in the morning, and then starting up maybe two units around 2:00 p.m.  Today was the exception, but even at that, it is low enough to wade.  Only running a low one unit, so there is a nice flow and the level is around 703-704 feet. 

It has been a busy week… I am a little behind. 

Saturday, Stan took Kelly and Ben out for the day.  These fly fishers had a really good day on the lightning bug under the P&P midge.  Jim and Dana had a two boat trip.  Keith and Brandi

Dan - 5/3/14

Dan – 5/3/14

have fished with Jim before so he took them and their friend Dan, who is a new fly fisher, went with Dana.  Picture of Dan with his first trout on a fly rod.  In the afternoon, Jim took a couple guys, Peerry and Ivan, from Canada out for the rest of the day.  Bet Jim slept well that night!   Good day for everyone on the CQ streamer. 

Tanya - 5/4/14

Tanya – 5/4/14

Sunday, Dana had Tanya and Bob, from North Carolina, on the water.  These two had a great day on the CQ streamer.   Kevin and Jerry, two new fly fishers, spent all day with Jim.  Needless to say, he put them through all the casting instruction, but he did let them catch some fish.  They had a very good day too on the CQ, P&P and hot hare’s ear nymph.  Stan had Andrew and John, from Canada, out all day.  They also were fairly new fly fishes.  He said they weren’t new fly fishers any more when they came in.  Another great day.  There best patterns were the P&P early in the day then the lightning bug in the afternoon. 

Monday was the first day of a two-day school Robert and Byron from Oklahoma.  Joel Tweeten from Minnesota, was paired up with Darrel (from Minnesota).  Good half day for Joel on the P&P and copper dun midges.  Carl and Harry from Joplin spent half a day with Jim.  Great day on the CQ, P&P and especially the hot hare’s ear nymph. 

Another great day on the CQ, P&P amd hot hare’s ear for Jim and Steve, from Clinton.  They spent the morning fishing with Jim.  Chuck, from Colorado, had a great day on the P&P and lightning bug.  He fished with Stan.  A little down time when they turned on a couple units in the afternoon as it dirtied up the water. 

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  Another catching day on the P&P and hot hare’s ear.  Jim had Fred and Troy from Nixa out for the morning.  Jeff didn’t get enough fishing when he fished with Dana last month, so he came back for more.  They had a really good morning on the CQ and rusty midge.  Jon and Morris finished up their two half days on Wednesday.  They fished with Stan on Monday and again Wednesday.  Good days for these guys on the P&P and copperhead black zebra. 

Connie - 5/7/14

Connie – 5/7/14

Right spot at the right time!  That’s where we were when the two units came on.  Excellent day for  Connie and David, from Oklahoma who had booked a half day trip that turned into a full day with Carolyn.  It was stripping the holographic green or silver cracklebacks and bringing in a enough fish that Connie said she was tired of catching fish!!  Warned them that this was truly an exception.  Probably will not happen again.

Bottom line, fishing has been very good!!

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