Catch Up Time!

Windy was the word for today.  Looks like tomorrow will be in the upper 80s or low 90s with 10 to 15 mph wind.  About the same for Thursday.  Very slight chance of rain Friday with temps in the upper 80s.  80s seem to be the norm for the weekend into Monday.  Chances for rain increase Tuesday and really look likely for Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  Temps holding in the upper 70s to low 80s. 

Generation has been pretty stable for several days.  15 to 20 mwh with water levels holding in the 704 range.  However, this afternoon, they cranked it up to 185 mwh with a level of  709.6.  Really glad to see this much water as we  need some  heavy water to flush the aglae off the bottom.  Looking forward to seeing the water tomorrow.  Projection for tomorrow is no generation until 1:00 when they wil turn on one unit, then a low two for an hour, and finally a low four units for 1-2 hours. 

Lots of trips for the past week,  Going to try and catch up.  Jime on the water last Tuesday with Dave and his son, Jake.  Good day for the guys on the CQ streamer.  One of the cold days we had this month. 

Another cold day Wednesday when Jim had Tom, from Minnesota our for the day.  Probably felt like a Spring day for Tom.  Good day for Tom on the CQ streamer and red midge.  Shiver…rained off and on all day!

Thursday was definitely warmer when Stan took Mike from Parkville out for half a day.  Very good day for Mike on the ruby midge with the P&P dropper.

Friday, Jim took David and David, from Oklahoma out for their second day.  They fished with him all day Thursday and again on Friday for half a day.  A couple of great days for these guys on the CQ, ruby midge, hot hare’s ear, and copper dun.  Stan had Bill and Mike, from Indiana, out for the day.  Very good day for these guys mainly on the big ruby with the copper dun midge dropper.

Sandy - 5/17/15

Sandy – 5/17/15

Carolyn took Sandy and Bryan from Oklahoma out on Saturday.  Good day for this two,  on the black midge dropped from the big ruby.     

Overall, it has been fishing good.  We had a day or two out of a week where it is slower.  Seemed like the fish were bunched up.  You’ll catch several in an area and then a long dry spell.  Overall, however, I have to say fishing is good.  Generation schedule has been pretty consistent with a low one unit.  Not too bad for wading, but certainly not ideal conditions.


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