Nail Down Anything You Don’t Want to Loose!

Should not complain, at least the temperaturein in the upper 40s.  However, the wind it unbelievable!  Sitting here in my office listening to it howling through the trees and everything else.  The temperatures will continue to be fairly mild for the next few days.  By Tuesday, however, it looks like lower 30s and a chance of moisture.  If the temperature stays in that range, it will probably look a whole lot like snow!  And the forecast past that does not look real good at this time.

We have actually has off generation during the late morning into the last afternoon for the past three days.  I would have an optimistic guess that it will continue this way through the weekend. 

Gina on the water just fishing last weekend and she had a fun day on the CQ streamer.  Lots of fish.  Only complaint (can you imagine?) was that many of them were small.  We have been seeing quite a few smaller fish over the past couple weeks.  However, had a fisher come into the shop today and he lost a nice size fish pulling a streamer in the rebar area yesterday.  He was heading out to see if he could find him again today. 


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