A Good Day To Get Ready For Fishing!

Tough weather we have been having over the past five days!  Nasty snow on Sunday caused pile ups everywhere you looked.  Nice Monday (sort of) followed by more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday and now frigid temperatures!  Maybe some dusting late tomorrow night with temperatures in the 30s Saturday and Sunday.  Don’t worry, Spring will come!

Until today, we had seen some no generation or very low generation during the middle of the day.  Today it is run those generators at almost every dam in the grid.  I imagine with this extremely cold weather everywhere, they need all the power they can muster.  This too shall pass.

Only fishing news I can pass on is that on this past Monday (the best day we have seen for a while), it fished great with the size 16 lightning bug or a size 8 CQ streamer or 10 wooly bugger, both in olive.  Just enough hits to have fun on a griffith’s gnat, but not the numbers of these other patterns.  These reports come from customers who came in Monday. 

Spring will be here before we know it so let’s use this time to get ready.  Clean those fly lines.  Best thing is to wash them in a non-grease cutting dish soap such as Ivory or a commercial line cleaner/dressing.  If using soap, strip off most of that line and put in a sink or pan with a little Ivory soap.  Wash is down well with a soft cloth then rinse well.  This is a good time to check your line for breaks or knicks by running your fingers along the line after drying.  Any break in the surface of the line will allow water to seep into the core and cause your line to sink.  Check the leader loop area for any signs of a break.  Easy fix by adding a new leader loop or make your own with amnesia or some mono line.  Last, but not least, if your line does not feel as slick as it did when you first put it on, apply a line dressing to help restore some of that slick finish.  Good, clean, slick line is paramount for those nice casts!


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