Catch A Warm Day and Fish!

Today is one of those shiver days!  I think our high might hit 20 and the wind is nasty.  Monday was close to 60.  This weekend is supposed to be in the 50s, then back into the 20s for Monday!   Should not complain…..we could be out East!

We have just started to see a little cut back in generation.  Only one unit for six hours yesterday afternoon.  Actually no units from midnight until 5:00 this morning and we are supposed to see no generation for a few hours this afternoon. 

Stan on the water last Sunday for a catching, training session with one of his customers, Don and his son Mark.  Don just purchased his own drift boat and wanted to work on how to fish from the boat and a little on handling the boat.  Mission accomplished.  Worked the various spots, based on the water flow and caught fish mainly drifting the ruby midge.  Mark is pretty new, so Stan worked with him on catching.  

Monday, Dennis, from Kansas, took a half day float with Stan.  Lots of fish on the ruby, P&P and lightening bug, but nothing of any size.  Talked to several other fishers who were fishing by the hatchery and they said pretty much the same thing.  Good fishing that day, but few, if any, in size. 

Don’t forget the spey/switch rod clinic coming up March 22.  This technique certainly has application for Taney. 

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